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Being a fighter in life requires great courage and determination, regardless of how you look or where you’re from.

At, we provide a platform that brings out the best physical and mental attributes in every person so that they can be successful in their life goals.

A prevalent theme you’ll notice about our website is Boxing aka. The Sweet Science. It’s one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports that requires a combination of fitness, skills, smarts and heart to really reach the elite level.

Through this brutal yet beautiful sport, troubled individuals find peace and solitude in an otherwise chaotic world. It’s a sport that can teach anyone discipline and improve self-confidence, with and without competing.

You’ll also discover articles in the fitness and motivation sections that will challenge just how strong your body and mind is, as well as how to improve in these critical areas that are necessary to flourish in life.

No matter if you’re fat or skinny, shy or insecure, weak or unmotivated, MightyFighter gives you the ingredients to create an individual that you never thought was possible in yourself, but was always there.

Why Boxing?
Throughout the history of modern boxing, which spans over a century, individuals have tested their strength, skills, speed, reflexes, endurance and fortitude by using only their fists to throw punches at one another until someone can no longer continue, or the timed system has ended.

Though it may sound barbaric, which to some extent it is, the fighters that get into the ring and battle it out nearly always have respect for each other because they both know just how difficult it is to do what they do.

At MightyFighter, we want to encourage you to improve all aspects of your life through boxing, fitness and conditioning of the mind. Even if you may never have intentions to be a boxer, there’s so much you can learn just by doing some boxing training and watching professional boxers train and fight.

Not only is it fun and engaging to train in, but it provides an excellent fully body workout which makes you full to the brim of confidence after a training session.

If you want to challenge yourself, then sparring and competing as an amateur allows you to find out a lot about yourself, and you’ll also meet a lot of interesting people along the way, some of who you’ll likely become good friends with.

Once you learn about all the many different punches and wide array of boxing techniques that can be applied to every fighter, you’ll come to understand and appreciate just how technical the sport of boxing is, making you a lifelong fan.

But what keeps most fans glued to boxing is not how technically brilliant some fighters are, but how much they have on the inside which only becomes apparent during their darkest moments within the ring.

Courage, determination and the will to win are attributes that cannot be measured nor displayed during training. Those characteristics are instilled through self-belief, strong morals and life experiences that can make or break individuals.

Behind MightyFighter
Samuel Ha, Founder

I created purely out of my love for the sport of boxing, which I had been a casual fan for many years, but only really began following intently shortly after the Manny Pacquiao VS Ricky Hatton fight.

From that moment onwards, I was no longer a ‘casual fan’, but a ‘true boxing head’ who’s interested in the technical brilliance and fiery courage of prize fighters, as well as the business aspects of the sport.

However, I didn’t want to just create a website about the training aspects of boxing, but also the overall fitness and mentality of not only boxers, but top level athletes.

As an individual who briefly competed and training in boxing and martial arts myself, and as someone who has big aspirations in life, I know how difficult it can be to find the motivation and drive to push forward and keep going, even when times are tough.

That’s the reason why I want to attract people who are looking to better themselves through boxing and exercise, and provide them with a platform that encourages and helps them to reach their goals. In doing so, it’s also therapy for me to reach my dreams too.