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Primarily a boxing website, though Mighty Fighter encompasses all aspects of being a fighter. No matter who you are or where you’re from, if you’re a fighter then you will always get to where you want to be. We aim to bring out the best in you by giving you the fuel to get in shape, condition yourself mentally and physically, and ultimately, become a fighter at heart.

Fighters come from all backgrounds and have risen from the hardest circumstances. Many have been bullied in the past and many have been made to believe that they were nothing. That’s exactly why they become fighters.

At Mightyfighter.com we provide:

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We hope that all this material will inspire you and motivate you to achieve what you’re meant to achieve, whether you want to stop yourself from being bullied, excel in a combat sport or you simply just want to get in supreme mental and physical condition.

Who Is Behind MightyFighter.com?

Samuel HaSamuel Ha is the founder of MightyFighter.com. He ran a consumer electronics online retail store before selling it and setting up his own import distribution business.

A huge fan of boxing, Samuel has always held a keen interest in combat sports. He has experience in Karate, Shaolin Kung Fu and Amateur Boxing. He believes that sports often bring out the best in people and encourages everyone get involved.

Mighty Fighter Authors – Our small team of authors consists of guest writers, contributors and Samuel himself. We review all content to make sure that it provides value to our readers before publishing it. Fun, accurate and engaging articles are a must to keep you coming back. We encourage you to leave comments and give us feedback on how we can improve.


Be a Fighter, No Matter Who You Are or Where You’re From