Advanced Boxing Workshop for Balance, Footwork and Punching Power

Are you ready to take your boxing skills to the next level and beyond? If you’ve already learned the boxing basics, then you could be ready to tackle the Advanced Boxing Workshop by Johnny Nguyen.

If not, then I recommend that you really master the basics first by studying the highly rated Learn How to Box in 10 Days course.

advanced boxing workshopIf you don’t already know who Johnny Nguyen is, to put it shortly, he’s a boxing coach and founder of, where he shares many years of his own experience gained from the tough LA based Mexican ‘La Habra Boxing Club’.

Johnny’s Advance Boxing Workshop packs 2 hours’ worth of video footage showing advanced boxing techniques that were taught in his live boxing workshop.

The workshop is designed for serious boxers, MMA fighters, martial artists and coaches. From this workshop, some of the things you can expect are:

  • Various drills including ones used for the exact same principles in tango. Dancing is an excellent way to improve balance and footwork. Muhammad Ali trained in ballet and Miguel Cotto trained in Salsa.
  • How to block punches without being pushed back which is particularly important for maintaining balance and positioning.
  • How to bounce in and out of range the correct and most effective way. This allows you to quickly go on the offensive and also to get out of trouble when necessary.
  • The principles of power punching. Learn how power is actually generated and the mechanics behind various punches such as the jab, uppercut and hook.
  • How to punch non-stop without getting tired. Many fighters get tire out easily because they don’t know how to control their breathing and punching technique for longevity in a fight, but it’s an essential part in winning a fight.

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Why Is Balance, Footwork and Punching Power so Important?

Great Balance and Footwork

  • advanced boxing workshopAllows you to increase punching power through a solid balance.
  • Gives a good impression to the judges that you’re not being moved around by your opponent whether you’re actually hurt or not.
  • You’re always in position to throw your next punch before your opponent can get his shots off.
  • Conserves your energy because you’ll be dictating the pace of the fight with effective movement.
  • Allows you to get in and out of range effectively to let your punches go and then make your opponent miss, which will leave them open for counter punches.

Great Punching Power

  • advanced boxing workshopGets your opponents respect, especially if they’re a pressure fighter, they’ll have to think twice before trying to bulldoze their way through you.
  • You can finish a fight at any given time by landing the perfect punch, which is important if the fight is close or you’re behind on the scorecards.
  • Reduce your chances of injury by punching with power the correct way. Your shoulder, arms and hands are everything in combat therefore, it’s vital that you take care of them by implementing the right technique.

By watching and comparing different fighters, you can already tell who is good and not so good.

More often than not, great fighters all have a combination of excellent balance, footwork and punching power. They’ve practiced those three essential principles for many years, with knowledge and experienced passed down from seasoned trainers who have been in the game throughout their whole lives.

Many of us don’t have that privilege but fortunately, we have other methods in which we can also reach the advanced level. Those who have attended Johnny’s live workshop has gained invaluable knowledge and experience.

The workshop was awesome! I learned a lot of details about advanced footwork, how to punch harder, and how to conserve energy. My favorite technique was how to conserve my energy by breathing more efficiently. It really helped and I can already feel the difference while I was shadow boxing today. Johnny is a great teacher and really knows his stuff.

My footwork and body mechanics have definitely improved since I learned how to control the ground with my feet and also the hip and back drill. My fighting experience in boxing is novice level but I’m a grappler gravitating towards MMA. – Sam, Boxing / MMA Student

If you’re serious about becoming a fighter in boxing or martial arts, then grabbing a copy of Johnny’s course will surely help you to become a better overall fighter.

Even if you’re participating in other sports, the aforementioned aspects are exactly the same in sports such as baseball or golf but instead, it’s crucial in combat sports because one mistake can be devastating, but can certainly be avoided.

The workshop was undoubtedly well worth the 2 and half hour drive. I would consider the training methods and instruction top notch world class. The second hour with the power punching blew my mind. I really felt more powerful than I ever felt before. The adjustments and little details and inputs you guys give us were making a dramatic difference instantly. I was always considered a good hard puncher but the 2 hour workshop took it to a whole other level. It made me more excited and motivated to keep training and learning new stuff.

The website and articles are a gift in the internet. I’m glad I paid $50 and drove through LA traffic from San Diego because the 2 hour experience with Johnny and his crew was priceless. Any aspiring fighter would be foolish to pass up an opportunity like Johnny’s boxing workshop. – Thair, Boxing Student

advanced boxing workshop to increase punching power


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