Advanced Boxing Workshop Review

advanced boxing workshopLast year in July 2012, Johnny Nguyen of held a live boxing workshop in LA. Due to the popularity of this workshop, he made it available on video for those who couldn’t attend. I’ve had the chance to take a look at and review the Advanced Boxing Workshop.

To sum it up, the Advanced Boxing Workshop is practical, effective and very useful for any experienced fighter. It’s not an instructional video but instead, from a 3rd person perspective, you’ll get to see Johnny work with various boxers and MMA fighters to improve their balance, footwork, and punching power.

RATING: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Who This Course Is Designed For

  • Serious boxers, MMA fighters, martial artists and coaches who want to know how the body moves, balances and naturally generates power.
  • Fighters who want to learn world-class footwork and advanced boxing techniques.
  • Fighters who want to learn how to drastically increase punching power.

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Please note: This is not for those who want to learn boxing fundamentals. If you want that, then check out How To Box In 10 Days instead.

What You Will Get

  • 120 Minutes Advanced Boxing Footage: This is raw footage of Johnny training those who attended the live workshop on advanced boxing techniques.
  • Improve Balance & Footwork: Within the footage itself, the first hour is dedicated to improving your balance & footwork through various techniques and drills, sometimes unrelated to boxing (such as tango dancing).
  • Improve Punching Power: The second hour is dedicated to helping you improve your punching power. It’s quite in-depth and teaches you exactly how the body works to generate force.


What I love about the Advanced Boxing Workshop:

  • Johnny has taken footwork tips and drills while training under his brother, who’s a world renowned tango champion, and effectively implemented it into boxing footwork.
  • It goes a lot more in-depth on how the body works in terms of body movement, compared to what you’ll find in many boxing gyms.

The only thing that kept me from giving 5 stars is that since it’s only a 2-hour video, I would’ve liked to see some sort of bonus material along with the footage itself. However, that doesn’t take away anything from the content and quality of the video footage.

If you wanted to actually attend the workshop, you would have had to travel to LA, which is practically impossible for many people, and also pay $50. For about half that price, you can get the Advanced Boxing Workshop and learn everything you missed out on that day.

Sure it’s not the same hands-on experience, but this is definitely the next best option and you can still follow the drills and techniques just as easily as if you were there.

RATING: 4.7 out of 5 stars

Click Here to Check out the Advanced Boxing Workshop


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