BPP Disclaimer

Mighty Fighter’s ‘Big Punching Power’ Disclaimer
Effective: 29/04/2016

There are risks associated with high intensity exercises.

Individuals with heart conditions or previous or current injuries should take extra precautions when performing intense exercises. Mighty Fighter is not responsible for injury.


Results will vary from person to person.

Every individual is different when it comes to experience, strength, speed, coordination, health, body type etc. Therefore, results will be evident much quicker for certain athletes while others will see a slower progress. It’s impossible to predict with any real accuracy just how long any individual will see improvements.


We guarantee your satisfaction or money back.

Results will vary for each individual. But if you’re not at all satisfied with results, service or information provided by us, we offer you a 100% money back guarantee. Simply make your request for a refund within 60 days of purchase date.


How the program works.

Upon purchase of the product you will sent to a secure page with a link to download the guide which contains links to relevant exercise and walk through videos.