7 Different Types of Bullying

Different Types of Bullying
It happens everyday and affects people from all different walks of life. One way to tackle this situation is to take up a combat sport like Boxing because it instils confidence and discipline. We look at what the different types of bullying are and some of the reasons behind them.

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1. Verbal & Psychological Bullying

This can be the most damaging part of being bullied. Victims of bullying can be psychologically affected to the point where they’ll be scarred for life.

Bruises and bumps heal within time but the mind can be very fragile and may never recover, but by all means, CAN recover and become much stronger.

2. Girls Bullying

different types of bullying
Girls can be tormented by other girls and boys and the affects can be devastating. Girls can be bullied for all the same reasons as boys but are also vulnerable to sexual bullying more so than boys. It’s almost always verbal and sometimes physical from both genders.

3. Racist Bullying

Prejudices and racism will always be around. A bully who targets someone because of their race, color, ethnicity, religion or nationality usually have had racist thoughts embedded in their mind through their parents or people they associate themselves with. They would bully someone for no other reason than where they or their parents are from.

4. Homophobic Bullying

We live in the 21st century where people should be accepted for who they are or want to be. Some people haven’t caught onto this and some never will.

Unfortunately, opinions can sometimes be turned into abuse and a bully may target someone because they’re lesbian, gay, bisexual or a transgender. Victims of this are usually reluctant to report this as they want to hide the reason why they’re being bullied.

5. Physical Bullying

Verbal abuse often leads to physical abuse. If a bully can’t affect someone psychologically, they’ll resort to violence instead. If it ever comes down to this, then it’s important that you take a stand for yourself, otherwise the bully will always think that they could get away with it. Don’t forget that bullies target those who they think are weak and will not fight back.

6. Cyber Bullying

The rise of technology has made things easier for bullies to harass people, and they can choose to remain faceless. Different forms of cyber bullying include email, phone or social media platforms.
cyber bullying
It’s easier for bullies to utilize these methods as it doesn’t require them to show their face, which is the ultimate form of cowardice.

7. Social Bullying

Social Bullying is typical among people in groups. A particular person might be excluded from certain activities or have gossip spread about them. This is done to make that person feel isolated and it has an emotional and mental affect.

This happens all the time in schools, colleges, universities all the way up to the working environment. It doesn’t always have to involve direct verbal or physical abuse as most of the time, this type of bullying can be achieved indirectly.

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