Freddie Roach Teaches Basic Boxing Footwork and Stance

Legendary 5-time boxing trainer of the year, Freddie Roach has trained some of the best fighters in the world and has had first-hand experience as a boxer in the ring himself.

His success can be credited to his knowledge of boxing fundamentals.

In this interview, Freddie Roach teaches basic boxing footwork and stance, aspects of boxing that are vital to offense and defense.

Freddie Roach on Basic Boxing Footwork and Stance

Balance is everything in boxing, if you don’t have a good balance, you’re going to be in trouble. You’ve always got to be in position to either make a punch miss, or to throw a punch. You should never get caught off balance, it’s vital. It’s like building a house, you have to have a good frame and your legs are your frame.

freddie roach boxing footworkI see a lot of fighters get a little bit too parallel because it makes them a smaller target. It’s a good idea of course but we need a little base of lateral movement. So when you’re shoulder width apart, one foot forward, you have a good balance and a good base.

Sometimes I like to work on a line so we have a line in the ring, so our feet are not parallel but two inches apart, it’s a fine line there. But the thing is, if you’re too parallel, you have no balance laterally. Your balance is bad and I’ll just control you easily. So widen that stance just a little bit and don’t get square, don’t become a big target.

If one foot moves three inches, the following foot goes three inches also. Six inches will be six inches. They work together at all times, in and out, side to side…

…When my lead foot is between my opponent’s legs and their lead foot is between mine, we’re on line. What I call on line is where you can be hit. What takes us offline is head movement, bobbing and weaving.

You can watch the video to this interview here.


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