The Different Ways of Girls Bullying

girls bullyingGirls can bit just as every bit cruel as boys, maybe even more so, but in society it’s males who are usually seen as the aggressors. When it comes to girls bullying, they can employ different bully tactics, but can also be victimized in more ways than boys.

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Females are generally more open and like to discuss social and personal issues with each other, so when it comes to bullying, there can often be a gang mentality to it. It’s not just restricted to the schoolyard but it’s common at workplaces too.

It’s not uncommon to see girls take up a male dominated combat sport like boxing, which helps them to build confidence whilst getting in good physical condition.

Girls Bullying Girls

Females tend to be more emotional than boys, therefore their bully tactics and the effects that it has, can often be more devastating. They’re usually not as physically violent so more focus is put on verbal assaults and social exclusion.

The pack mentality is common in bullying, especially among girls who tag along with the popular group in fear of being an outcast. This kind of behavior means that the problem doesn’t get solved and the victim often feels that everyone is against them.

Name calling, alienation, calculated exclusions from group activities and spreading rumors are just a few bully tactics that girls employ to crush someone’s self-confidence. Since none of these are physical, at certain times it can be overlooked as just jokes or harmless teasing, therefore help is not always at hand.

Girls Bullying Boys

Girls are good at provoking reactions from other girls and boys. Therefore, boys may be at the wrong end of a the bully tactics from girls. Physical self-defense should only be used when absolutely necessary, however, it’s unacceptable for males to defend themselves in this way, so they often feel helpless.

Pack mentality also plays a big part in bullying boys because others will jump on the bandwagon to attack the unpopular boy. Males generally like to impress the other gender so they’ll also join in on the assault, which is why females have such a major effect on the male mentality, for better or for worse.

Boys Bullying Girls

As much as females can be good at emotional attacks, they are just as or even more vulnerable to being attacked emotionally and physically from both genders. When it comes to males bullying females, they can use sexual references to make a female feel embarrassed about themselves.

Words such as “slag”, “bitch” and “hoe” are all too common and are generally just thrown around at females. To make matters worse, this can even lead to physical assaults where touching without consent is involved.

The victim is can be at the mercy of both genders when these this type of bullying goes on, and the emotional toll this amounts to is enormous. They’re usually reluctant to tell or make a report because they’re either too ashamed or afraid that no one will care.

If you’re a victim of any form of bullying…

…whether verbal or physical, learn how to effectively stand up for yourself and fight back.


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