Top 10 Ways on How to Fight Bullying

how to fight bullying and fight a bully

Being a victim of bullying often leaves you feeling helpless and isolated, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When the situations appears dire, embrace the uncertainty and fear as there’s always a positive way out where you’ll end up stronger and better. You can change your situation by learning how to fight bullying with these courageous 10 steps.

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1) Learn Self-Defense

The method of ‘turning the other cheek’ doesn’t always work and can often keep you a victim.

The number one reason why victims are often too scared to fight back is because they lack the knowledge and confidence to do so.

Learning how to fight whether it’s though online tutorials or taking up a combat sport will not only improve your self-confidence but will also get you in tremendous shape mentally and physically.

You’ll be well prepared just in case you have to resort to defending yourself this way.

2) Condition Yourself Mentally

Mental preparations for anything in life is essential, especially when you’re backed into a corner and the pressure is mounting. You need to know how to deal with these types of situation swiftly and efficiently.

You can condition yourself mentally by reading books about others who have succeeded against the odds and philosophy. Taking up a tough sport will help immensely because the hard training, discipline, pain and dedication is 90% mental. Going through this will bring your mental toughness to the next level.

3) Condition Yourself Physically

condition yourself by runningGetting in shape doesn’t just mean lifting weights and doing casual exercising. You have to eat healthy and understand what you’re trying to achieve with your body.

If you want to be able to defend yourself effectively if the time arises, then having big muscles won’t help.

They may look good but they can make you slow. You need to harden yourself muscles for better absorption, while still maintaining great speed and power.

If you do this, you’ll feel great, look great and be well prepared to face any bully.

4) Build an Alliance With Powerful Peers

Bullies sometimes are brave enough to carry out their business on their own, but they often roll in groups. If you want to deal with a bullies without having to use physical violence (sometimes this is inevitable), then the best way is to get on the good side of those of who hold some kind of influence.

Not an authority figure like a teacher, but instead, like a popular student or colleague who has a neutral standing. The more you gain their respect and friendship, the likelier it is that the bully would think twice about targeting you.

5) Reflect an Insult Back to the Bully

Many bullies are lacking in the wits and intelligence department, but they are quick to fire verbal abuse without expecting anything in return.

You can stomp on their pride and embarrass them by coming up with a quick witted response to their taunts. The more laughter and shock that occurs as a result of your response, then the more infuriated the bully will be, so be prepared to expect a physical confrontation. Most bullies will resort to physical violence if they cannot beat you mentally.

6) Show No Reaction

The whole purpose of bullying is to get the victim feeling bad about themselves while making the bully feel better. Crying or throwing a temper tantrum will only confirm that the bully had an effect on you. Sometimes, the best response is no response and to carry on doing what you’re doing.

This lets the bully know that their taunts have having no emotional effect so they’ll just give up their efforts. However, they may just try harder in which case, you’ll need a back-up plan.

7) Confront the Bully

Many victims of bullying already feel isolated, embarrassed and scared so naturally, they may shy away from any confrontation.

However, there comes a time when you must stand up for yourself or continue to get bullied and have your self-confidence dented. It’ll only go on for as long as you let it.

Therefore, the best way to deal with your fears is to confront them head on. This will take the bully by surprise and they may back down, or they may take up the challenge, whether verbally or physically. You may have to face the bully more than once, but when it’s all said and done, you’ve proven that you won’t tolerate it.

8) Get Help

Getting help in the form of teachers, authorities, parents etc. can be a good solution to stop bullying. If someone with some sort of power over the bully steps in and has a word with the, then it could lead them to change their ways. However, this doesn’t always work for many reasons and sometimes you just have to depend on yourself.

9) Be Successful

how to fight bullying by being a winnerYou may be familiar with the quote “The best revenge is success”, and this is true on many levels.

If you’re proven to be a success in something that you do, whether it’s a particular sport or talent, then a bully can never damage your name or reputation.

Your skills and talent speaks for itself and once it becomes known, more people will recognize and respect you for it.

That in itself is power and influence, something that a bully only has if someone else gives them the satisfaction. Be successful and a bully can try, but will never erase your achievements.

10) Start Over Again

The emotional toll that bullying can have is sometimes too much to bear. If you’ve gotten to breaking point then perhaps the best thing to do is just to start over again. If you’re at a job that you hate because of the bullying, leaving might be the best option.

If you’re in an educational institution such as school or college, then a transfer could be the answer. Starting your life fresh takes a lot of courage but it’s a breath of fresh air and it takes a heavy load off your shoulders. That way, you won’t have to see your bully’s spiteful face again.


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