Top 30 Greatest Intimidation Quotes

best intimidation quotesIntimidation can be used to control people. It can instil fear and a sense of hopelessness for many under various circumstances. Here are some of the best intimidation quotes.

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1If you want to control someone, all you have to do is to make them feel afraid.” – Paulo Coelho


2A man who is intimate with God is not intimidated by man.” – Leonard Ravenhill



3The ones who hate me the most are the ones who don’t scare me.” – Rebecca McKinsey



4Creative people are often found either disagreeable or intimidating by mediocrities.” – Criss Jami


5 “Yes, I believe that the art of winning is through intimidation, and not necessarily do you have to speak about it.” – Mark Spitz


6Back in those days intimidation was the greatest tool the drill instructor had. Without that tool, he would not have had control.” – R. Lee Ermey


7Judges must be free from political intervention or intimidation.” – Stockwell Day



8The whole concept of negotiating is intimidating to many people.” – Leigh Steinberg



9Those children who are beaten will in turn give beatings, those who are intimidated will be intimidating, those who are humiliated will impose humiliation, and those whose souls are murdered will murder.” – Alice Miller

10Leadership is based on inspiration, not domination; on cooperation, not intimidation.” – William Arthur Ward


11The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by a mountain — he is inspired by it. The persistent winner is not discouraged by a problem, he is challenged by it. Mountains are created to be conquered; adversities are designed to be defeated; problems are sent to be solved. It is better to master one mountain than a thousand foothills.” – William Arthur Ward

12With vision there is no room to be frightened., No reason for intimidation. It’s time to march forward! Let’s be confident and positive!” – Charles R. Swindoll


13Intimidation doesn’t last very long.” – Lenny Wilkens



14Rank does not intimidate hardware. Neither does the lack of rank.” – Norman R. Augustine


15Men are generally idle, and ready to satisfy themselves, and intimidate the industry of others, by calling that impossible which is only difficult.” – Samuel Johnson


16They’re intimidating the networks and levying these fines, so the networks are not sure of what they can or can’t do.” – Barry Levinson


17If those people survive, others will be emboldened. If they don’t, others will be intimidated.” – Cal Jillson


18If you let a bully intimidate you, he’s going to do it again. You’ve got to stand up to these strong-arm tactics.” – Charles Djou


19The bottom line is that these people are going after consumers. They use intimidation, and prey on the need for college dollars. The information they provide can usually be found in any good public library.” – Cleo Manuel

20I have never intimidated the masses, …I only intimidate corrupt officials.” – Zhu Rongji



21It can be intimidating, but once you’re there, you realize no one is looking at you. You realize that not everyone is in great shape – they’re coming to the gym to get fit, too.” – Erik Johnson

22Sinn Fein is totally opposed to intimidation of any type no matter where it comes from or who it is aimed at.” – Gerry Kelly


23The problem was to get judges who were not afraid to prosecute Saddam despite intimidation and threats.” – Hoshyar Zebari


24Assassinate me you may; intimidate me you cannot.” – John Philpot Curran



25He doesn’t give up – ever. He is not intimidated by anything. He just doesn’t care. You can’t intimidate him.” – Keith Johnson


26He was bested by a better fighter, …I didn’t feel like he was intimidated. If I made a mistake he would have punished me.” – Antonio Tarver


27Some of these guys wear beards to make them look intimidating, but they don’t look so tough when they have to deliver the ball. Their abilities and their attitudes don’t back up their beards.” – Don Drysdale

28We will stand against violence and intimidation. We will stand for the rights and dignity of all human beings.” – Barack Obama


29Domestic violence and abuse are used for one purpose and one purpose only: to gain and maintain total control over you. An abuser doesn’t play fair. Abusers use fear, guilt, shame, and intimidation to wear you down and keep you under his or her thumb. Your abuser may also threaten you, hurt you, or hurt those around you.

30He has spoken out strongly against the fact that when belligerents see freedom of expression as an enemy to their cause and the media as a tool for propaganda, journalists who attempt to report in a nonpartisan way face pressure, manipulation, intimidation or even elimination.” – Marie Okabe


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