Learn How to Box in 10 Days

how to box in 10 daysYour goal may be to get in shape, feel more confident or to optimize your mental and physical strengths.

Boxing will help you do that and you’ll find out a lot of things about yourself that you didn’t know before. Without a mentor it can be tough to learn how to box. Where do you start?

What exercises works best in boxing? How do you throw a punch with the correct technique? How do you defend yourself from punches?

Johnny Nguyen, boxing coach and founder of ExpertBoxing.com understands the mechanics of a fighter and how to get started in the tough but beautiful sport of boxing.

His highly regarded ‘How to Box in 10 Days’ is an accelerated boxing course for beginners that teaches everything from strength and conditioning to developing punching power. Experience is the best teacher and Johnny has fair share of it.

There was a time when I didn’t know how to wrap my hands. I didn’t know how to breathe, let alone breathe through a mouthpiece. I couldn’t throw a proper jab and couldn’t punch without getting tired. I was nervous in every fight and got tired without throwing any punches. I got hit with punches even when I kept my hands up.

I didn’t stand a chance until I learned some real boxing technique. This was the hardest part of being a beginner; the trainers paid more attention to the best fighters than the beginners. I had to earn respect by taking punishment in the ring before trainers and other boxers would bother helping me.

Training in the LA based, La Habra Boxing Club alongside top amateurs and professionals has taught him a great deal not only about boxing, but also about himself. Nothing less is expected from a Mexican gym where mental toughness is vital to survive.

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Top 5 Tips When Starting to Learn How to Box

1) Get the Right Boxing Equipment

Knowing the right boxing equipment to get will save you money and more importantly, it can prevent injury. It’s very common to buy a pair of boxing gloves only for them to tear from the inside within a few days or weeks.

Headgear is an issue too because there are different types and knowing what’s best for you will improve your performance during sparring. So before you waste your money by just buying anything that looks good, do your research first.

2) Get Your Stance and Footwork Right

learn how to box in 10 daysIt’s very important to have a solid foundation in boxing. This means your stance and your footwork. By not mastering these attributes, you’ll constantly be off balance when moving and you’ll decrease your punching power also.

You must learn how to plant your feet and move around the ring effectively. If you know how to control the ring with your movement, then you can make your opponent fight at your own pace.

3) Learn the Different Ways of Punching

Jabs, hooks, uppercuts, crosses are just a few types of punches. The more ‘tools’ you have in your toolbox means that you can catch your opponents at different angles and positions as well as making them respect you a bit more in the ring. It’s always good to have a wide punch selection so that you can put your combinations together better.

4) Work on Your Defense

Defense is just as important as offense. It’s often more difficult to defend than attack because it requires more focus. Blocking, parrying,  slipping and footwork are all aspects of boxing defense and each one must be utilized effectively in order to become a decent all round fighter.

This is especially important when you’re going up against someone who is physically stronger and can punch harder than you.

5) Spar

learn how to box in 10 daysThe La Habra Boxing Club had an unlimited amount of sparring partners and trainers.

Being a Mexican gym meant that if you wanted to fight, you were given the equipment and chucked in the ring, regardless of your experience.

However, just from within that sparring session, you’d learn more about boxing and yourself than hundreds of hours of normal gym work.

While you may not want throw yourself in the ring straight away, at some point you will have to, and the sooner the better.

Johnny’s ‘How to Box in 10 Days’ reveals much more information on ‘The Sweet Science’ of boxing. It features 300 pages of no nonsense guides, a 1hr 40mins instructional HD video and a tonne of high quality boxing demonstration images.

It’s truly one of the only best boxing courses around and has received praise from boxing insiders and new students.

I own/operate Ramos Boxing Team out of San Antonio. I was an amateur boxer from 1987 until 1995, professional from 95-00 and have been coaching since 96. I find your articles very accurate and in line with my way of thinking of the sport. It’s good to find the younger generation out there with some common boxing sense. Keep spreading truth!” – Arturo Ramos III, RamosBoxing.com

Bought a copy hours ago and started reading. I’m only about 30 pages into it but I have to say, this book was much more than a review for me. I have to say, even for a seasoned boxer with amateur experience like myself, there’s a lot I could learn from this. Very well organized and I love the pictures. It makes the learning process easier. Good job, J! I hope you have more guides coming out, I’ll be first in line.” – Steve, New Boxing Student

There are a variety of reasons why people take up boxing, and many of them don’t actually want to compete but do it for fun and health purposes.

Time and money is an important factor when taking up any new sport, but Johnny Nguyen’s ‘How to Box in 10 Days’ will save you both. For the price of roughly 2 private lessons, you can learn at your own pace and you’ll see a huge improvement in your skills, technique and fitness.

I went from being the guy nobody ever noticed, to the prospect every trainer wanted to work with. I went from “hopeless beginner” to “championship potential” in a short period. I don’t get nervous anymore before sparring matches. I enjoy fighting and get excited about stepping into the ring because I know how to box now.” – Johnny Nguyen

how to boxing in 10 days



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