What Is Psychological and Mental Strength?

miguel cotto mental strength
Psychological and mental strength are essential characteristics not just in becoming a fighter, but also for everything else in life. This is the differences between people who excel and people who quit when the going gets tough.

If you quit once, then the next time a difficult situation crops up, the chances that you’ll quit are even more likely.

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Mental strength or toughness are terms used by sports people and business leaders to describe attributes that allows an individual to persevere through the hardest circumstances without losing confidence. It’s an extremely difficult thing to master but a combination of training and desire can harden your mind.

In order to understand how someone can develop such mental strength, you have to look at their history and what drives them. They often have a core reason why they strive to be the best in their field, no matter if it’s making money or making  movies.

Mental Toughness in Sports

All competitive sports require a strong mind, and those who have the strongest mindset will rise to the top. This is called the elite level, where you face others who have just as much willpower and determination as yourself.

It takes a lot of mental strength in very physical sports especially combat sports such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Boxing. They are individual sports where fighters cannot rely on anyone else other than themselves. It’s very tough to keep going if fatigue sets in and you’re taking punishment, which is why they need to train extremely hard in the months before their fight.

Individual sports are often seen as a reflection of life, which is why so many love to watch and follow certain athletes. It’s inspiring to see underdogs prevail through determination and skill.

Training Your Mind

Few people naturally developing mental strength by what they’ve been through in their lives. It’s embedded in their personality and can never be broken. They have a ‘never quit’ attitude which they carry through their entire lives in everything that they do.

In other cases for the average person, the mind can be trained and developed to also have that same mentality. It all depends on your desire and what you’re willing to do to break through barriers. You can train your mind in various ways to get whatever you want in life.

Improving Confidence

You can have the lowest self-esteem in the world, but that can all be changed through training your mind. It’s a natural progression that you’ll begin to slowly feel more and more confident everyday that you develop your mental strength.

If you want to improve your self-confidence, you have to first make a choice that you’ll stick with. The sooner you make that decision, the better you’ll feel because you’ll have purpose in your life. You have to strike when the iron is hot and if you leave it any later, then your fire might just burn out.


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