Top 30 Greatest Ricky Hatton Quotes

best ricky hatton quotesThe legendary brawler from Manchester is perhaps the most popular fighter the UK has ever seen. He was tough, powerful and had a style that would give most other fighters hell. Here are the top 30 greatest Ricky Hatton quotes.

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1The one thing that’s hurt in my career is people saying I don’t want to come out of Manchester to fight people.”


2What is happening is not ideal. Sometimes nothing goes smoothly in the preparation for fights, and that is when you have to show what kind of champion you are and deal with whatever is put in front of you. This is just another obstacle, and if it does go to court then I will be as equally determined to overcome it.”

3I’ll go gentle on him, … I promise not to rough him up too much. I just think him saying stuff like that is just him. He’s like the Junior Witter of America, he hasn’t got a good word to say about anyone expect himself. Personality wise, he’s very different to me, that’s for sure.” – On Floyd Mayweather Jr.

4It was just 12 months ago that I was the one doing the chasing and looking for all the big names. I guess now I’m universally recognized as No. 1 in the division and they’re all looking for me. To be in a position where I can pick my opponents, wow, that’s a fighter’s dream, really.”

5I had to come to the United States to prove myself. I fought for a long time in England and a lot of people thought I was a protected fighter.”


6There’s never ever been a world champion from Great Britain that has had a fan base like Ricky Hatton


7I’m a Mancunian born and bred and I feel I’m no different to the man in the crowd and it’s nice to reward them. I want to become a great champion.”


8If there is such a thing as reincarnation, he’ll want to come back as his fucking self!



9Both of us don’t go backwards and I think that is the key to the fight. Whoever ends up going backwards is going to lose.” – On his upcoming fight with Manny Pacquiao


10Winning the IBF title was the greatest night of my life. To give it up outside the ring is truly painful.”


11I slipped” – In response to when Floyd Mayweather knocked him down in the 10th round with a check hook.


12He’s won’t push me back on the night and he certainly wasn’t going to push me back up there.” – On the final press conference of his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr.


13I was leaving the hotel to get to the fight when my phone went and someone said ‘Hello Ricky, it’s Tom’. I said ‘Tom who?’ and when he said ‘Tom Jones’ I told him to eff off! I thought it was a wind-up!

14If you want to watch two guys knock hell out of each other, watch us.” – On his fight with Jose Luis Castillo


15What sort of champion would I be if I just stayed in my normal weight division and didn’t take the big challenges on? Bring them on, that’s what Ricky Hatton’s all about.”


16It’s unbelievable really. For something that started off as a hobby, I ended up getting paid for doing it.


17As an amateur, I couldn’t get many fights. No one would fight me when I was a schoolboy.”


18It’s still one of the proudest moments in my career boxing at Madison Square Garden. Some fighters who have won titles and championships have never boxed at Madison Square Garden. For a little kid just off a council estate to do it was a dream come true.

19My first world title gave me the confidence to go and do bigger and better things.



20If you can’t sell tickets you’ll struggle.”



21I think my greatest achievement in boxing is my following.”



22I think if you get the opportunity to try and become the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world and you turn your back on it, then you’re a bit of a fraud.”


23What’s the point being the best fighter on the planet if no likes you?



24You can’t let a man like this beat you.” – On Floyd Mayweather Jr.



25It’s gonna be the same Ricky Hatton, value for money. It’s gonna be the same Floyd Mayweather, so drink your expresso or red bull.”


26Depression is very bad illness. This will be the toughest fight of my life.”



27The fans only don’t support me cos of the way I fight, they support me cos of the way I am.


28As long as I’ve got the love of the fans, that means everything to me.



29I have no fear in moving up (in weight) and fighting.



30I think that headband and that brylcreem  and that gel on his hair will do him no good should we get it on.”On a potential fight with Paulie Malignaggi


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