The Top 50 Truths About Boxing

the truth about boxing

Boxing is a complicated sport that involves a lot of politics, drama and show business all wrapped in one. No matter what, there are some things that are guaranteed in this sport.

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Here are the top 50 truths about boxing.

  1. Any fighter will lose if he fights on long enough.
  2. Robberies happen.
  3. Hometown fighter always gets the benefit of the doubt.
  4. Controversy sells.
  5. Any fighter can be knocked out.
  6. Timing always beats speed.
  7. If you don’t train as hard as your opponent, you’re in for a tough night.
  8. Looking past your next opponent is a massive mistake.
  9. Exciting fights = more bums on seats.
  10. Styles make fights.
  11. Some fighters will be avoided.
  12. Technical boxers don’t get much recognition from the public.
  13. Punching power means nothing if you can’t hit the target.
  14. You can go from poverty to super-stardom with enough skill and will.
  15. There are too many world titles.
  16. A fighter will be chastised by the media and public if they quit during a fight.
  17. The heavyweight division needs reviving.
  18. To be the best you have to beat the best.
  19. No opponent should ever be underestimated.
  20. A great old fighter will beat a good young fighter.
  21. Greediness is damaging the sport.
  22. Boxing is like chess.
  23. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.
  24. A big mouth is a good promotional tool.
  25. Many fighters have useless people in their entourage.
  26. Boxing a sport that provides opportunities.
  27. Boxing doesn’t discriminate against anyone.
  28. Too many fighters are underpaid.
  29. Hit and don’t be hit is the name of the game.
  30. Boxing is a lonely sport.
  31. Corruption still exists within boxing.
  32. When the pressure is on, everything about a fighter is exposed in the ring.
  33. The referee and corner men are responsible for saving a fighter.
  34. Too many fighters don’t know when to retire.
  35. The media and public are too quick to write a fighter off based on a loss.
  36. Casual fans want to see knockouts.
  37. Boxing has no safety net.
  38. Politics get in the way of making the best fights.
  39. One mistake can be “lights out”.
  40. It’s harder to defend than it is to attack.
  41. Commentators are usually biased.
  42. Big muscles and a ripped body doesn’t help to win fights.
  43. Excessive weight draining increases the chance of brain damage.
  44. A great trainer will take a fighter to his full potential.
  45. Boxers often run into financial problems when they retire.
  46. Your feet are just as important as your hands.
  47. If a fighter wants worldwide recognition, he has to fight in America.
  48. Expect the unexpected.
  49. Being a great amateur doesn’t mean that you’ll become a great professional.
  50. Boxing should be shown on free TV more often.

There’s a lot more to boxing than meets the eye. It’s a combat sport but it’s also a business. What other truths are there about boxing?


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