Top 10 Ways on How to Build Charisma

how to build charisma

A charismatic person is someone who resonates an aura of charm and attractiveness that inspires others. It’s a hugely beneficial characteristic to have as if can provide you with many opportunities and also dramatically increase your influence upon others. Here are 10 of the best ways on how to build charisma.

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1) Be Confident

Confidence is a character trait that comes with experience. If you don’t work on building your confidence, then you charisma will avoid you because they both go hand in hand together. You need to have confidence in order to build the kind of aura that will captivate the emotions of those around you.

One way of showing confidence in yourself is admiring the work of others (but not overly doing it). It shows that you don’t have a big ego and you’re not insecure.

2) Master Your Body Language

The way you express yourself through body language goes way beyond just words. Even those who cannot understand you well due to a language barrier, they will better understand the type of person you are.

Learn how to match your body language with your speech to give off the impression that you’re looking for.

If you watch motivational speakers, the most influential sports and public figures, you’ll notice that they all use subtle body language such as hand gestures to get their point across.

3) Think Before You Open Your Mouth

Most people don’t think before they speak and usually end up spewing out ignorance and stupidity. This may not have much consequence when you’re outside of the public eye.

However, as soon as the cameras are rolling, you better be careful about what you say otherwise there will be some sort of backlash which can really hurt your profile.

Don’t talk out of anger unless you are 100% sure that you mean it and are willing to accept any consequences. Often than not, speaking less actually has more meaning as people will pay more attention when you do having something to say.

4) Speak With Conviction

When you have something important to say, say it like you really mean it. There’s nothing more unconvincing than a half-hearted statement.

how to build charisma

Speaking with conviction gains trust and belief, two very powerful qualities in influence.

To speak with conviction, you have to master language tonality and for visual effect, body language.

5) Develop a Warm Personality

It’s common sense that a warm personality means that people will be more open to you. They won’t perceive you as a threat and therefore, are more likely to welcome you with open arms. To develop a warm personality, you have to be honest, kind and just as importantly, understanding of other people’s struggles and achievements.

6) Be Charitable

No matter what your circumstance may be, there’s always someone that has got it worse than you. It’s a duty for the human race to help the less fortunate. It doesn’t always mean financially, but more importantly emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

how to build charisma

Generosity goes a long way and when people recognize your efforts, they will instantly warm to you. However, that’s not to say that you should be charitable just to gain attention. It’s supposed to come from the heart and should not be paraded around like a show.

7) Be Gracious in Defeat

There comes a time when someone will get the better of you and you just have to come to terms with it. Many people cannot seem to be humble in defeat, which totally just undermines the efforts of their opponents. If you do this, you’re only just making yourself look even worse as you’ve just been beaten.

Congratulate your opponent and give him the props that he deserves. Defeat is simply just a sign to tell you that you have to go back to the drawing board to see how you can improve certain aspects of your game.

8) Learn New Things

The more new things you learn, the further your audience reach will be. This means that you can attract many more fans with your charisma. One of the most important things you can learn is a new language.

In boxing, there are English and Spanish speakers in abundance. Being able to reach out to both audiences will dramatically garner more interest. You don’t necessarily have to master the language (although that would be ideal), but even knowing the basics will help.

Another vital aspect of boxing is the business side of things. Learn about it thoroughly so you don’t get ripped off. You can also teach others with your knowledge which will give you more influence and respect.

9) Teach Others

Imagine the kind of difference it would make to your life if your idols shared their knowledge with you. Now think back to all the times someone has taught you something invaluable and how that has helped you. You’ll quickly realize how powerful it is to share knowledge.

how to build charisma

Whatever knowledge you have that can help others to achieve their dreams, then share it with them. You should aim to teach those who are eager to learn. The more people you reach out to, the quicker the word spreads.

10) Let it Come Natural

If you watch a charismatic person, everything always seem to flow naturally. Nothing is ever forced because when it is, it just seems fake and people can see through that.

You shouldn’t have to force a certain type of behavior to get attention. If it’s not the type of person you have, you’ll only end up having a hard time keeping up with that image.

Building charisma is all about being able to attract people to you so your main focus should be to improve on the characteristics you already have and improve on your weaknesses.


Why is this important in boxing? Well, although the general public love to see great fights, the fighter’s name is developed inside the ring and just as importantly, outside the ring. If you want more fans, then you have to give them a reason to follow your career.

Charisma can come from humble and also, cocky attitudes. If you have a style many mighty refer to as “boring”, then your personality outside the ring is what will attract attention (just take Floyd Mayweather Jr as a prime example).

If you’re a fun fighter but have no charisma, then it’ll take a bit longer to garner attention. Take heed and invest in yourself because at the end of the day, charisma will not only build your name and character, but it’ll also increase the size of your wallet.


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