Top 30 Greatest Nonito Donaire Quotes


Another pound-for-pound star to come out of the Philippines is nicknamed the “Filipino Flash”, and has the speed and power to back it up. The charismatic fighter is never lost for words, here are the top 30 greatest Nonito Donaire quotes.

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1He’s a smart guy, but I think I’m a genius.” – On Toshiaki Nishioka



2If you try your best, you can always be better.”



3I was one of those kids that was always picked on but, one thing I gotta say it that no matter how bad your life gets, there’s always a bright light out there and you gotta find it.


4I’ll help out in ways to inspire others and ways to get people together and bring about things to help people financially.


5I believe that he’s a boring fighter.” – On Guillermo Rigondeaux



6Whatever happens, I train hard for the fans and their support.



7My style is like Bruce Lee, I’m like water. It’s everything from defensive, to counters, to offense.



8I was taught to fighter like Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali when I was growing up.”



9Always push beyond what you can do.”



10He’s going for the home run, I’m going for the grand slam. If he gets a lot of strikeouts, I’m getting a shutout. I just have that positivity, that mentality that I can conquer whatever he gives out.” – On Toshiakai Nishioka

11When you do your best, there is no impossibility.”



12I’m training everyday, even though I should be resting.”



13I seek to fight the best out there. I seek to fight the champions in every division I go up to.”


14If he wants to box we’ll box. If he wants to brawl we’ll brawl.” – Before his fight with Toshiaki Nishioka


15Growing up, I kind of adopted that mentality, going all out, being a warrior.”



16Seeing the Mexican fighters, it gave me, physically and mentally, ready for an all our war.”


17We put our body and minds and lives on the line for being in that ring for the fans, that’s why I respect fighters. Unless they don’t respect me then I can’t give any respect back.


18I just wanna live the moment and just take every moment and embrace it because life is short.”


19I’ll bring a flower out there and then give them a peace sign and hopefully they’ll make it happen.” – On a potential fight with Abner Mares


20I need to take a punch in order for me to throw that hook.” – On his left hook knockout punch over Fernando Montiel


21He said it’s an honor to fight me, well I say that it’s an honor to fight him as well.” – On his fight with Wilfredo Vasquez Jr.


22My father and I, we finally saw each other eye to eye and I think he’s seeing me as a man, and I’m seeing him as the father he’s always been.”


23Not only did I win the fight, but I won something that’s more than a fight could ever give me and that is gaining back a family.


24He’s such a great kid and such a determined kid, and he’s so strong.” – On his meeting with Andre, a cancer victim.


25Criticism is good, you learn from it each time and you know that people are paying attention.


26You can’t look good everytime, even if you try to no matter what.



27I wanted to bring that old school mentality of “Fight Me!, Fight me!



28As much as I have respect for him, this is for the crowd. The crowd didn’t deserve what happened tonight.” – On his fight with Omar Narvaez


29I enjoy singing, I enjoy music as much as I enjoy photography, doing filming and stuff like that. I do a lot of things to express who I am.”


30I lived my life where I didn’t have anything. I lived my life where people picked on me. Now that I am in a different light, I appreciate every moment of it.


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