Top 30 Greatest Sergio Martinez Quotes

sergio martinez quotes
He didn’t start boxing until the age of 20, but has still gone on to win world titles at light middle and middleweight. Graced with movie star looks and phenomenal boxing skills. Here are 30 of the greatest Sergio Martinez quotes.

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1I’ll keep waiting because I’m a young man. I’m not as old as they think.” – When asked about his chances of fighting a big name.


2He may be taller, but I’m going to show that I’m bigger than him.” – On his rematch with Paul Williams.


3Julio Cesar Chavez will never be ready to fight me.”



4How to do you keep Sergio Martinez off of you.”



5It gets better.” – On his campaign against bullying.



6 “I’ve waited almost 10 months for this revenge, I know I deserve it.”On his rematch with Paul Williams.


7 “I know by the way the punch landed, he wouldn’t get up.” – Speaking about his KO victory over Paul Williams.


8An ex-world champion told me, and I took it to heart. “When everyone else is training, you have to train too. When everyone else is resting, try to train. No, he told me not to try to do it, but do it, to train. When everyone else is out partying, train and work your body.” That is the best advice I can give to a new boxer.

9 “To be world champion brings fame. The fame brings good things and bad things too. I try to take the good with calmness.”


10 “It makes me feel good. Being a foreigner, (the American fans) they make me feel like I’m a citizen of this country.”


11The other champions don’t want to fight me. Every single one.



12He can’t take back what he said on Twitter, that he will fight me.” – On his chances of getting a fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.


13No. He’ll get hurt, and he’s a good person.” – On the possibility of a 3rd fight with Paul Williams.


14Mentally, he’s not the same person anymore (Paul Williams).”



15I’ve never had any intentions of taking a break (from boxing).



16If I could’ve made Muhammad Ali smaller I would have fought him.



17They wanted to wait, to improve, to get better, when he’s already a world champion. And that’s a mistake. That’s a chicken attitude.” – Speaking about Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and his camp.

18It hurts me because of what he’s doing to boxing. Because one of the most important world titles is at stake now. The champion has to defend it against the best.” – On Chavez Jr.

19You have a lot to learn before becoming a champion. Once you are champion, you must accept the consequences.”


20So I’m not wrong when I said you are a puppet? That you have no voice or choice in deciding?” – Speaking directly to Chavez Jr.


21I’ve won my last four matches by knockout. Out of 30 fights, I’ve won more than 20 by knockout. I think that a ballet dancer wouldn’t win by knockout.” – In his response to Chavez Jr’s insult that Martinez is a ballerina.

22History says that I’m one of the best pound-for-pound, and I won’t stop until I’m number one.


23They’re going to need a DNA test to identify him after the fight (Chavez Jr.)



24Chavez will hit the canvas. He will be sitting in his corner, or with the doctor or referee stopping the fight. There’s no other outcome.


25You’re living in a delusion based on your legendary father.” – Directed at Chavez Jr.



26How can you fight someone you can’t hit?



27I’ve lived with pressure all my life. I enjoy it.”



28I have the rematch that I wanted. I’m going to knockout a Mexican and I will reconquer my title


29He needs to have a strong heart, because critics don’t have a heart.His advice to Timothy Bradley on dealing with critics after his controversial victory over Manny Pacquiao.

30They criticize because they don’t have a life. It’s easy to criticize another person.


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