Top 5 Best Balance Trainers and Boards

Balance is the key to an athlete’s power, strength and stability. These essentials elements are vital to fighters who rely on movement and explosive power to dominate their opponents. A balance trainer can help you improve on these areas through a variety of different exercises – scroll below our table to read 5 ways a balance trainer can benefit you.

There are many different types of balancing trainers but the two most popular types are circular boards that have a semi-circle base which is inflatable for some models. Here are 5 of the best balance trainers and boards.

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Yes4All DB6F

BOSU Sport
Our Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
ColorsBlue / PinkBlueBlackBlack on WoodBlue & Green / Pink & Green / Blue & Black
MaterialsLatex & PlasticLatex & PlasticPolyethylene (PE)WoodenLatex & Plastic
Max. Weight300 lbs350 lbs300 lbsN/A250 lbs
Inflated Height8.5 to 9"8.5 to 9"N/AN/A5 to 7"
Diameter65cm or 26" 65cm or 26" 16.5"15.75"50cm or 22"
Included Accessories• 4 in 1 Workout DVD
• Xplode Workout DVD
• Workout Chart
• Tri-Lingual Owner's Manual
• Pump
• Workout DVD
• Tri-Lingual Owner's Manual
• Pump
N/AN/A• Tri-Lingual Owner's Manual
• Pump
Warranty90 Day Limited 1 Year Limited1 Year5 Year Limited90 Day Limited

Top Features | Best Balance Trainers

  • Inflated Height – Balance trainers that can be inflated, such as the BOSU balance trainers, normally include a pump for this purpose.
  • Warranty – Due to the necessary pressure from performing different exercises on a balance trainer, you’ll find that many models have a short warranty period.

5 Ways a Balance Trainer Can Benefit You

You’ve probably seen people use one of these strange looking pieces of equipment at the gym before and perhaps you’ve wondered to yourself “how does that help exactly?”. Actually, it helps a lot, which is why all top athletes in any sport utilize a balance trainer in their training regime. Here are 5 ways it can benefit you.

Top 5 Best Balance Trainers

1. Strengthens Core Muscles

When you’re performing any type of exercise that doesn’t require a machine – squats, lunges, push ups etc. – they become quite easy after a while. Incorporate a balance trainer into these exercises and you now have to work even harder to maintain form. This means that you’re activating muscles, particularly around the core, that wouldn’t normally be activated on stable ground.

2. Tones the Body

Because you’re engaging and strengthening all these new muscles you normally wouldn’t use, you’re also toning your body. Not only will you look better but you’ll also be stronger.

3. Improves Your Balance

This is an obvious one, but to properly understand how it improves balance is not. When you’re walking around outside, you’ll encounter different types of terrain such as hills, steps and slopes. You may have fallen or stumbled before because your balance wasn’t on form. A balance trainers helps you to maintain your centre of gravity in different situations whether it’s hiking, running, jumping or moving around the boxing ring.

4. Improves Your Coordination

In any given sport, if you want to become a top athlete, you need all your body parts to work together effectively. This is known as coordination and a balance trainer can help you improve upon this through various exercises that tells your body to cooperate more smoothly and efficiently in order to maintain balance and form.

5. Burns Off More Calories

The added difficulty of incorporating a balance trainer in your exercises will increase your heart rate even more rapidly as your body is working more. Naturally, this will burn off calories and unwanted body fat that hinders your athletic ability.


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