Top 5 Best Free Standing Heavy Bags

If you are limited in where you can hang a heavy bag, then the next best alternative is getting a free standing heavy bag. While it you can move it to pretty much anywhere you want, a free standing heavy bag is usually not as durable as a traditional hanging heavy bag.

The lighter end of the free standing heavy bags usually cannot withstand consistent heavy punches without either moving too much or toppling over. So if you’re a male adult who plans to do some heavy striking, go for the heavier options. I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best free standing heavy bags for light to medium training. Scroll down to find table notes and more information on each heavy bag.

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XXL Wavemaster


Versys VS.1



Our Rating
4.4 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars
ColorsRed / Blue / BlackRed / Blue / BlackBlackBlackRed / Blue / Black
Adjustable Height
Bag MaterialDouble Vinyl Cover & High Density FoamVinyl Cover & High Density FoamHeavy Duty Vinyl Cover & High Density FoamDouble Vinyl Cover & High Density FoamPolyester Shell & High Density Foam
Base Filler• Water
• Sand
• Water
• Sand
SandWater• Water
• Sand
Weight (filled)270 lbs250 lbsN/A170 lbs170 lbs
Bag Dimensions
(D x H)
18" (diameter)(likely to be similar to the Powerline model)N/A15” x 56”10.5" x 40"
Base Diameter28"24"34.25"N/A22"
Total Height69"• 47" - 68"
• (8 height adjustments)
91"N/A• 53.5" - 65.5"
• (4 height adjustments)

Hanging VS Free Standing Heavy Bags

If you’re fairly new to any sort of boxing training, you may make the mistake of thinking that a hanging heavy bag and a free standing heavy bag are essentially the same, aside from the obvious difference of how they’re supported.

While they both provide a means for practicing punches, there are some notable differences between a regular hanging heavy bag and a free standing punch bag.

  • Punching Power – When hit, both punching bags will move (by swinging or tilting), but really, only the hanging bag is designed to do so, allowing you to punch with full force as it swings back and forth. Most free standing bags are weighted at the base to prevent tilting, but if you’re a big puncher, you may find that the bag may come close to toppling over. Therefore, a hanging punch bag is better suited for full power punching while you’ll have to adjust your power for the latter.
  • Different Angles – While you can do a full circle around both boxing bags, a hanging bag is a moving target that lets you step forwards and backwards as it swings back and forth. A free standing bag remains in a static position so there’s less room for creativity in footwork and punching angles.
  • Different Fighting Styles – Because of the different (or lack of) angles each bag provides, it will affect one’s style of fighting. A hanging bag offers more versatility for any style of boxing – outside, inside, pressure fighter, counterpuncher – as you’re able to lean against the bag as it sits on your shoulder or simply dodge the swinging bag. It’s difficult to do either on a free standing bag, as it just tilts if too much weight is placed on it, and of course, it doesn’t swing. However, you can still box close, mid-range and outside, albeit not as effectively.
  • Variety of Models – The realm of free standing heavy bags are dominated by Century, who provide top quality bags, but there’s little competition for them, thus you’re left with little choice. Because hanging punching bags have been around much longer and are the principle piece of equipment for a boxer’s training regime, there’s significantly more variety available – regular bags, uppercut bags, maize bags – all coming in different weights, sizes, material and colours.
  • Space and Portability – This is probably the number one factor of why someone training from home will choose a free standing heavy bag over a hanging one. It doesn’t need mounting, it doesn’t need any other piece of equipment (other than filling), it doesn’t swing and it can be moved quite easily to another location. For some, it’s actually an easy choice and for homes lacking in space, it’s the only choice.

You may have come to the conclusion that a hanging heavy bag offers a lot more versatility, and while that’s true, a free standing heavy bag is still a useful asset to have if you’re training from home or for general workouts. However, a serious boxer and fighter will always compliment this with a hanging heavy bag at the gym.

Best Free Standing Heavy Bags

Here are the above free standing heavy bags in more detail. None of the following free standing heavy bags require tools to assemble them. They are very simple to set up.

Century Wavemaster XXL

1) Century Wavemaster XXL

OUR RATING: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Check Out the Century Wavemaster XXL

Notable Features:

  • Durable vinyl bag cover.
  • Ultra-stable weight distribution on base.
  • Low profile and large base to provide optimal resistance.
  • Large fill hole to quickly and easily fill the base up with water or sand.
  • Large rubber sealed fill cap to keep it water tight.
  • Locking mechanism to lock the bag to the base.

Even though the Century Wavemaster XXL weighs the same (270lbs) as the Powerline, it provides even more resistance for those who really pack a punch (or kick). It’s ultra-stable base ensures that it doesn’t slide or topple when hit hard.

The Wavemaster XXL is ideal if you’re 170lbs+ and you like to continually punch or kick with significant force. It’s also the tallest Wavemaster model, which helps if you’re tall, and accommodates low to mid to high level strikes, thanks to a very long heavy bag. This is one of the best, if not the best free standing heavy bag currently available.


Century The Original Wavemaster

2) Century The Original Wavemaster

OUR RATING: 4.2 out of 5 stars

Check Out the Century The Original Wavemaster

Notable Features:

  • Rounded base so you can easily roll and relocate the unit.
  • Durable vinyl bag cover.
  • Large base to provide optimal resistance.

The Original Wavemaster by Century is their bestselling free standing heavy bag. It has a large base that weighs 250lbs when filled up, which allows the bag to be hit with great force with it being much less likely topple over.

It has a durable vinyl cover that will withstand all types of striking without tearing, whether it’s hooks or strikes from punches and kicks. The quality of this bag (as with most of the Century Wavemaster line) ensures longevity of the product.


Century Versys VS.1

3) Century Versys VS.1

OUR RATING: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Check Out the Century Versys VS.1

Notable Features:

  • Heavy duty vinyl construction with a firm foam core
  • Versatile for both stand-up striking and ground training
  • More mobile than other free standing heavy bags

If you require a bag that can withstand heavy punishment standing up and on the ground, then the Century Versys VS.1 is up to the task. Although a heavy blow can indeed knock it over even with its sand filled base, it will pop right back up for some more, so it’s better suited for speed and volume rather than power when it’s in a standing position. The best thing about this bag is that it can easily be moved around to turn any space into a workout domain.


Century Powerline Wavemaster

4) Century Powerline Wavemaster

OUR RATING: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Check Out the Century Powerline Wavemaster

Notable Features:

  • Rounded base so you can easily roll and relocate the unit.
  • Durable double vinyl bag cover for extra resistance to tearing.
  • Large base to provide optimal resistance.

The Century Powerline Wavemaster is a heavier and sturdier version of The Original Wavemaster. It still incorporates a large base and the same frame design.

The differences are that when filled up, it weighs 20lbs extra, and it has a double vinyl cover for the bag, that provides it with extra resistance to tearing.


Century Aerobic Cardio Wavemaster

5) Century Aerobic Cardio Wavemaster

OUR RATING: 4 out of 5 stars

Check Out the Century Aerobic Cardio Wavemaster

Notable Features:

  • Low profile base is rounded so you can easily roll and relocate the unit.

The name and design of the Century Cardio Aerobic Wavemaster says it all. Its thin diameter and light weight means that the bag is not designed for heavy strikes from male adults.

However, it’s great for light combinations and kids, who can go crazy on it. It’s probably aimed more at the female demographic too, since the black version comes with a pink logo.

Former Best Free Standing Heavy Bags

The below free standing heavy bags are models that have been pushed out of the top 5 either because there have been better models released, or they’re discontinued. However, doesn’t mean they’re no longer any good, so you may still want to take a look at them.

Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag

Everlast Omniflex

OUR RATING: 3.8 out of 5 stars

Check Out the Everlast Omniflex

Notable Features:

  • Bag cover constructed from 100% genuine leather.
  • Double stitched reinforced seams on heavy bag to ensure longer lifespan.
  • Includes a heavy duty chain and swivel for hanging the bag.
  • Designed to prevent excessive movement upon impact.

Upon impact, the Everlast Omniflex neck allows the bag to swing back and forth before resuming back into its original position, while the base doesn’t budge an inch.

Some users have described the bag as being able to withstand a hard punch, but it certainly appears that it’s not designed for consistent hard punching. However, it would be ideal to practice light and fast combinations.


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