Top 5 Best Hand Grip Strengtheners

Hand grip strengtheners are used to greatly strengthen your hands, wrists and forearms. As a result, you will drastically improve your performance in terms of hitting, throwing, pulling, pushing, holding and even playing instruments.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best hand grip strengtheners, based on Amazon’s best sellers and top-rated models. Scroll down to find table notes and more information on each model.

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Planet Waves

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MaterialHeavy Duty Plastic & MetalAluminum & Alloy SteelHeavy Duty Plastic & MetalHeavy Duty Plastic & MetalAluminum
Strength Levels• 1.5lbs (green)
• 3lbs (yellow)
• 5lbs (blue)
• 7lbs (red)
• 9lbs (black)
• 60lbs
• 80lbs
• 100lbs
• 120lbs
• 140lbs
• 167.5lbs
• 195lbs
• 237.5lbs
• 280lbs
• 322.5lbs
• 365lbs
• 5lbs (blue)
• 7lbs (red)
• 9lbs (black)
• 11lbs (grey)
Variable tension provides customized conditioning for individual fingers• 100lbs
• 250lbs
• 300lbs
• 350lbs

Hand Grip Strengthener Benefits

  • Improves Sports Performance – Exercises the muscles and joints in your hands, wrists and forearms to vastly improve performance when it comes to hitting, throwing, pulling, pushing, holding and control of sports equipment.
  • Strengthens Fingers – Certain hand grip strengtheners allows you to work out each individual finger to develops and maintain strength and dexterity. This is excellent conditioning for not only athletes, but also musicians.
  • Increases Muscles – If you’ve ever been concerned about the size of your forearms in comparison with the rest of your arms, then consistent use of hand grip strengtheners will increase your forearm muscularity.
  • Improves Hand Endurance – The length of time that you can apply a specific amount of force will be increased. This is ideal for gripping onto things, carrying heavy items, pulling etc. without hand fatigue.
  • Reduces Risk of Injuries – For sports where the hands play a vital role such as boxing, you need to keep them in prime physical condition. Therefore, strengthening your hands is extremely important as it will allow you to punch harder.

If portability is important for you, then you would want to get a Gripmaster or Planet Waves Varigrip as they conveniently fit into pockets. Here are some exercises that you can perform with the Gripmaster.


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