Top 5 Best Medicine Balls

A medicine ball is a weighted ball that helps to develop core strength, refine balance and improve coordination. Practically all top level athletes incorporate a variety of medicine ball exercises into their workouts to attain these types of results.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best medicine balls, based on Amazon’s best sellers and top-rated models. Scroll down to find table notes and more information on each model.

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Soft Shell



Our Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
MaterialRubberHeavy Duty Vinyl Coated NylonRubber Core / Leather ShellRubberRubber
Weights• 4 lbs (purple)
• 6l bs (green)
• 8 lbs (red)
• 10 lbs (blue)
• 12 lbs (yellow)
• 4 lbs
• 6 lbs
• 8 lbs
• 10 lbs
• 12 lbs
• 14 lbs
• 16 lbs
• 18 lbs
• 20 lbs
• 4-5l bs (red)
• 6-7 lbs (yellow)
• 9-10 lbs (navy blue)
• 11-12 lbs (orange)
• 14-15 lbs (green)
• 2 lbs (yellow)
• 4 lbs (orange)
• 6 lbs (red)
• 8 lbs (rosewood)
• 10 lbs (purple)
• 12 lbs (blue)
• 15 lbs (teal)
• 20 lbs (olive green)
• 25 lbs (brown)
• 30 lbs (grey)
• 2 lbs
• 4 lbs
• 6 lbs
• 8 lbs
• 10 lbs
• 12 lbs
ExtrasExercise Wall ChartN/AN/AFull Color Instruction SheetN/A

Medicine Ball Benefits

  • Develops Core Strength: The core refers to your body with the exception of your arms legs. It’s responsible for functional movements and without a strong core, you’re more prone to injuries. You can develop your core muscles through rotational exercises, mimicking actual movements in certain sports such as swinging and punching, while holding a medicine ball.
  • Refine Balance: Certain medicine ball exercises require you to rotate or lift with the ball in hand while performing a posture with one or both legs. These exercises helps to maintain your balance as the weight shifts from one side of your body to another.
  • Improve Coordination: Since much of the exercise routines require feet, arms and body positioning, this leads to refinement of the coordination of those body elements. To be able to synchronize different body parts smoothly and effectively plays a major role in all sports.
  • Muscle Development: Performing repetitions of different medicine ball exercises will tone specific muscles in your arms, legs and core, that is often difficult to tone while performing other forms of exercises.

Selecting the best medicine ball for you is simple. The three main elements that you really need to be concerned about is quality, material and size/weight.

All the above medicine balls featured in the comparison chart are proven to be high quality and reliable based on many user reviews and ratings.

In terms of material, this all depends on how you would like the ball to feel in your hands. Some people prefer a rubberized material like a basketball, while others prefer a leather feel like a soccer ball. Bear in mind that certain rubber balls are a textured surface for a better grip and are better at bouncing off walls for throwing exercises.

For the size and weight, that would be relative to how big you are and how much weight you can handle. Different brands have different diameters for particular weights, even though they are the same weights. So if you have a small frame, you may want to get a medicine ball that is smaller in diameter compared to others. In the end, the weight is more important than the size itself.


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