Top 5 Gennady Golovkin Boxing Techniques

Gennady Golovkin has been making some serious noise in the middleweight division, and is considered to be the most feared man in boxing, and even the best in his weight class.

The man nicknamed GGG has garnered all this attention due to his aggressive style and tremendous punching power. However, with an extensive high level amateur background, he has picked up more than a few things from “The Sweet Science”.

Here are the top 5 Gennady Golovkin boxing techniques.

1) Energy Conservation

Patience, calmness and confidence is how Golovkin is able to conserve his energy in the ring and explode with such power at any given moment. He’s always loose and relaxed before and during a fight, whereas being tight and nervous wastes energy.

Much of these qualities stem from Golovkin’s elite amateur pedigree, where he learned to deal with many different fighting styles, especially boxer movers. This is why he’s so good at stalking his opponents down with little effort and making them expend their energy.

2) Strong Balance

You will rarely ever see Golovkin off-balance, which is one factor that contributes to his punching power. Every power punch he throws allows him to be in position to follow up with another. How is Golovkin able to throw punches with such force and still have good balance, even if he misses.

This can easily be explained by observing his foot positioning. They’re wide apart enough to give his upper body the support it needs for punching movement. Also, he always maintains the center of gravity, because he doesn’t lean too far in either direction to be off-balance when throwing a punch.

3) Powerful Jab

I consider Golovkin to have one of the best jabs in boxing at the moment. It’s sharp, accurate and very strong, and is like a power punch itself. Golovkin’s jab isn’t a snapping one, but rather a pushing one, where it seems to go through his target and pushes his opponent’s head back.

In his fight with Gabriel Rosado, Golovkin practically beat him with the jab because Gabe was moving so much and was proving hard to pin down. It was also proving to be effective against the taller and rangier Nobuhiro Ishida.

4) Cutting Off the Ring

Pressure fighters who do not know how to cut off the ring should watch how Golovkin does it. He’s one of the best, if not the best at cutting off the ring in boxing today. Golovkin uses very little energy when stalking down his opponents, and this is due to his minimal movement.

If his opponent tries to adopt a hit and move strategy, such as Gabriel Rosado and Matthew Macklin did, then Golovkin will walk him down quickly and utilize his great jab to set shots up and keep his opponent off balance. He will eventually trap you in the corner or the ropes with no exit, leaving you not much choice but to stand and fight.

5) Controlling Range

Another effective aspect of Golovkin’s game is his ability to control range, which allows him to always be within punching distance. This is essential for a fighter that doesn’t like to waste punches.

Many times, after Golovkin lets off some punches, his opponent will try to come back with their own and Golovkin will just take a step back with his lead arm extended to not let his opponent get within their punching range.

Golovkin is able to stay on the outside, as well as get in close against taller and longer fighters such as Ishida. For an aggressive pressure fighter, Golovkin doesn’t get hit cleanly that much and since he doesn’t move his head that much, it should be credited to his ability to control range.


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