Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Anaerobic Endurance

Anaerobic Endurance

Your goal is to increase power and strength, and this can be achieved through effective and explosive anaerobic endurance activities.

It’s also essential that you maintain the right type of diet in order to maximize your explosive power. If you want to the mechanics of eating right, I recommend the 30 Day Fighter’s Diet Guide.

Here are some great exercises you can perform to improve your anaerobic endurance.

1) Sprinting Intervals

The explosiveness and muscle groups that sprinting requires makes this exercise essential to improving power and strength in your legs. An activity example would be:

• To start – warm up and jog slowly for 3 minutes
• Power sprint for 30 seconds
• Resume back to jogging for 1 minute
• Repeat again for a total of 4/5 sets

This is a tiring exercise and you’ll be aching the next day if you’re not use to this intensity, but the next time you perform this again you’ll be able to complete it more comfortably. When you’re ready, you can up the levels by doing more sets.

2) Pull Ups

improve your anaerobic endurance by pull upsThe great thing about doing pull ups is that you can perform this activity almost anywhere that you can lift yourself stably.

It’s also very cheap to buy a chin up bar to fix between a door inside your home. There are different methods on pull ups which work different muscle groups in your arms.

• Start by stretching your muscles
• Hold tightly onto the bar with your knuckles pointing away from you
• Pull yourself up making sure that your arms at a 45 degree angle and bring yourself back down slowly but not fully stretched out
• Pull yourself up again and repeat for 10 reps

Pull ups are simple but very effective. Some people can naturally perform this without too much difficulty while others take a while to get used to it. Technique plays a big role and it’s something that you need to work on. Increase the amount of reps once you can do 10 reps easily.

3) Press Ups / Push Ups With Clap

improve your anaerobic endurance by push upsFor this exercise, there’s no need for any equipment or specific location. One of the easiest ways to strengthen your arms is push ups with a clap in between for extra explosiveness.

• Keep your feet together and hands further apart but at face level when in the push up position
• Press all the way down until your nose is close to the ground, then quickly push yourself off the ground and clap in between
• Make sure that your arms comfortably supports your landing by compressing downwards, like a spring to minimize impact and to prevent injury
• Repeat again for 20 reps

If you’re not comfortable with performing the push ups with clap, then another effective method is to make a triangle with your hands and perform push ups that way instead.

4) Bench Press

improve your anaerobic endurance by bench pressOne of the most common ways of strength training and to improve your anaerobic endurance is by performing the bench press. Injuries can occur if you’re not doing it right so if you’re a beginner, you must:

• Have someone else to spot you (assist you during your lifts)
• Get the technique correct from someone experienced
• Start at a light weight that you can easily perform at least 10 reps on

Doing the bench press is a great way to strengthen your upper body, particularly your arms and chest. It’s important that you’re absolutely comfortable in doing this before you increase the level of intensity by adding more weight.

5) Medicine Ball Throw

improve your anaerobic endurance with medicine ball throwsThere are many different ways that a medicine ball can be utilized to increase strength. The throwing technique is perhaps the most effective way of increasing explosive power. You need to:

• Finding a partner
• Select a medicine ball, preferably small and soft (like a small basketball)
• Make sure that you choose one that is not too heavy for you and your partner
• Using both arms, throw the ball from the center of your chest level to your partner (aim for the chest also)
• Repeat for 30+ throws

A few factors can affect this activity such as the type of ball used, the weight and whether you and your partner are both comfortable with the pace.

If you don’t have a partner, you can just throw the ball against a padded wall as hard as you can as an alternative.

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Read the Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Aerobic Endurance.


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