How to Train Your Mind in 10 Ways

Training Your Mind

Your brain is the most important part of your body. If you don’t train your mind then dust will settle in and you’ll get left behind in a fast paced world.

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Here are 10 different ways you can exercise mental fitness and train your mind to stay sharp and focused.

1) Knowledge Is Power – Read Books

Reading is just as powerful, if not even more than listening and seeing. Reading books allow you to create visuals in your mind and paint a picture clearer than anything you can see with your eyes.

Books on philosophy are often written from the wisest of people while history books and biographies will make you feel that you’ve lived through another life once you’ve finished them.

Ultimately, they will give you more knowledge which can take you to wherever you want to be in life, if you apply what you’ve learned in the right way.

2) Take up a Physically Demanding Sport

Some of the most mentally tough individuals in the world are elite athletes in a physically demanding sport such as swimming and boxing. The training is intense and only the most determined will get through it without quitting.

To maintain the high standard that the training requires is more of a mental challenge rather than physical, and if you can withstand it then your self-confidence will rocket and so will your mental fitness.

3) Play Mind Games

No, I didn’t mean with other people’s head. Playing games that requires thinking such as scrabble will keep your brain ticking. Card games such as Poker Texas Hold Em are also great for mental strategy and will help your memory.

mind training playing scrabble

First Person Shooters (FPS) like Call of Duty on games consoles are very addictive and can help you think strategically, but not in the same way as the aforementioned.

Unless you’re getting some kind of mental strength out of it or you’re making money from it, then it’s pretty much a waste of time.

4) Sleep Well

Getting a good night’s rest is essential to recover the body and mind. A lack of sleep can make you tired and lazy during the day so your ability to process new information can diminish. The days of all nighters and sleeping a few hours a night should be long gone if you want to perform at your best.

5) Continue to Seek Out More Information

You may think that you know a lot, but that’s an ill-educated way of thinking. There’s so much more that the human race still doesn’t know. You must continue to be curious about the world and to seek out more information. It’ll make you wiser and exercise your mind.

An Ancient Greek philosopher had the right attitude and said it best:

“I know one thing, that I know nothing” – Socrates

6) Cut Down on Mind-Numbing Activities

There’s only so much time that you have on the earth, therefore it’s wise that you make the most out it. If you really want to achieve all your goals in life, then you’d need all the mental strength that you can muster up.

The only way that you’ll be able to do that is if you cut down on all the unnecessary activities that won’t help you. Unfortunately, it does mean less time playing computer games, less time watching TV and less time getting stupidly drunk.

7) Take a Walk

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

There’s something about walking with no destination in mind that brings out the most in our thoughts. Some of the greatest people in their field walked for long periods at a time to gather their ideas and plans. Donald Trump would occasionally walk around the streets of New York plotting his next move.

RZA of legendary Hip-Hop group Wu-Tang Clan planned his way to the top during his walks across the different boroughs in New York. It’s also a great stress reliever, so when your mind is cluttered, take a long stroll to reflect on your life.

8) Learn a New Language

A great way of memorizing things while adding value to yourself is by learning a new language. Not only will it expand your mind but it’ll also open you to a new world of opportunities that wasn’t available before.

train your mind by learning a new language

You can meet new people, embrace a new culture and even find a new career path. To be able to speak more than one language is a huge advantage and learning one is a great way to train your mind.

9) Rely on Your Own Instincts

Technology has made our lives simpler but it’s also made people rely more on a machine rather than their own instincts. What’s going to happen when you ‘re in a situation where technology isn’t there to help you?

You may be lost in a huge forest where your mobile phone doesn’t work, then you’ll have no choice but to follow your mind. Instead of using your GPS as much, just follow road signs or use a map. Sure, it’s a bit more difficult at first, but it’ll be easier and better for your knowledge in the long run.

10) Converse With Intellectuals

People’s personalities and characteristics are often shaped by who they choose to associate themselves with. If you only hang around with ignorant individuals, then they can begin to have an influence on your way of thinking.

On the flipside, conversing with people who can hold an intellectual conversation and are willing to learn, will surely train your mind and expand your horizons.

A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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