What is Plyometrics and What Benefits Does It Bring?

what is plyometrics

You’ve probably seen people perform Plyometric exercises before or maybe have even done some yourself. What is plyometrics? To put it simply, it’s a form of exercise that focuses on explosive power and movement.

Athletes that participate in sports that require quickness, speed and power must include plyometrics in their training routine. This allows them to exert the maximum amount of force in the shortest period of time possible.

Speed and power are essential components in a fighter’s arsenal. You’ll often see boxers and MMA fighters implement plyometrics in their training plan.

The ability to move quickly to avoid or release punches is vital. It makes all the difference between whether you hit your opponent or they hit you first, which can be game over if that punch is a powerful one.

Benefits of Plyometrics

  • Develops muscular power and improves overall speed.
  • Improves balance through your movement and technique.
  • Improves co-ordination and agility as many plyometric exercises involve specific footwork techniques and lower body movement.
  • Opposed to bulking up, it tones your muscles instead making you look more lean and feel lighter.

So you now know why it’s important to perform plyometric exercises, now you need to know the different training methods that will bring out the best in your speed and power. Check out our Top 7 Plyometric Exercises.


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