Why Do People Bully? 9 Reasons for Bullying

Why Do People Bully
To understand the answer to this you have to step inside the mind of a bully. You have to look at their past and why they’ve become the person that they are. Bullies, like most people, can change their ways.

Many victims of bullying take up boxing training which improves physical attributes, but more importantly, mental aspects such as discipline and confidence. Here are 9 reasons for bullying.

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1) The Bully Has Been Bullied Before

Many bullies have been bullied before, whether by family or just by their peers. They may have been teased to a point where they feel insignificant, which makes them so angry that they have to take it out on someone else.

Especially if it happened to them in their childhood years, they could grow up with a bully mentality because it’s all they know. Of course, this goes both ways as someone who has been bullied before can turn out to be a great person.

2) The Bully Is Lonely

Feeling unimportant and left out can contribute to bullying. Everyone needs attention and sometimes, those who don’t have enough will turn into bullies.

It’s what they feel gives them power and a sense of importance. Even if they have many friends, they may still crave the attention they feel they deserve but are not getting.

3) The Bully Has Problems at Home

It’s common for a bully to have had problems at home. This could be physical or verbal abuse that will affect someone’s mind. That could turn a normal person into an aggressive and emotional being with a fragile mind. You have to understand that if this is the case, then the bully is a victim too.

4) The Bully Has Low Self-Esteem

If someone feels that they’re not smart enough, attractive enough or worthy enough, then they have to make themselves feel better about themselves. Whatever the reason is, the easiest way for them to achieve that is by putting someone else down. However, they’ll find out sooner or later that it’s a losing strategy because someone will fight back. Unfortunately, they will probably just go back to finding a weaker person to pick on.

5) The Bully Is Jealous

This ties in with the previous reason of the bully having low self-esteem. However, if a bully is jealous of a particular person then they’ll take their frustrations out on that person. The main reason for jealously is often popularity. The victim could be more popular than the bully which truly gets on their nerves.

6) The Bully Is Part of a Pack

More often than not, bullies roll in groups. They want a sense of security just in case someone decides to fight back, then they can call for back up. Usually, if they were alone, this reduces their confidence and they will wait until they feel safe.
why do people bully
The bully’s peers can either be bullies themselves or just popular people who are good at dealing with others. You have to filter out the good from the bad in the group.

7) The Bully Has a Big Ego

Some bullies don’t fit any of the above criteria. Their main motivation for bullying simply boils down to having a big ego. Their arrogance has made themselves believe that they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Until someone challenges them on this, they’ll continue to have the same frame of mind.

8) The Bully Likes to Impress

Certain people want to be the center of attention. We all know someone like that. There’s nothing wrong with that but a bully chooses to get that attention in the wrong way. They usually don’t have any particular talent or skills that can impress people so they have to poke fun at someone to get some laughs. Because of this, they feel that they’ve left a good impression among their peers.

9) The Bully Sees You as Being Different

A bully will pick out their target based on a specific reason. You could be different in some way, whether it’s by race, sexuality, disability or something else. They will single you out and verbally and/or physically abuse you. Usually, they won’t let you know the reason but most of the time it’s obvious.

A bully could fall under one or maybe even all of the above reasons…

…Some change within time while others remain a bully for the rest of their lives. It just depends on whether something or someone can change their mentality or not. Different circumstances and events can transform someone into a cool and understanding person. Unfortunately, it can also turn them into a complete bully.

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